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Michael Stewart

Freelance Writer, Blogs Editor

Michael is the blogs co-ordinator at and a freelance writer living in British Columbia. He is a PhD quitter, a bad editor, and a union thug. He writes about culture and capitalism.
We Couldn't Escape B.C.'s Spreading House WongJeremy via Getty Images

We Couldn't Escape B.C.'s Spreading House Nightmare

Our landlords, who are realtors themselves and own two other investment properties in the capital region, handed us a letter that said "the time has come" to sell our house. It's a nice turn of phrase; as if the decision was made by happy circumstance, by the wind, by the cosmos. A fortuitous augury in their soup bones, say -- rather than a deliberate resolution by two human beings with rational faculties to kick a family of four out of their home because they can make a busload of cash.
03/30/2016 03:21 EDT
Mulcair Needs to Halt the NDP's Rightward Radio-Canada

Mulcair Needs to Halt the NDP's Rightward Drift

The trend is clear: when voters are faced with a left-leaning party campaigning on centrist economic ideals, they will pick the real deal every time. Every. Single. Time. At its best, Mulcair's NDP can inspire. Bill C-51 is the best example, but its universal child-care policy and promise to abolish the senate also fall into this category. But there have been too many blunders. Mulcair's sudden love for balanced budgets not only affirms the faulty framework that inexplicably lauds Stephen Harper as a responsible steward of the economy, it cedes precious ground to Trudeau at the moment Canadians want an alternative to neoliberal pabulum.
09/27/2015 09:00 EDT
I'm Living The Vancouver Dream By Moving Bon Bahar/Instagram

I'm Living The Vancouver Dream By Moving Away

It is a powerful dream. Despite my cynicism, I love Vancouver and its natives who rail against the "No Fun City" label with all their might. I have always fantasized that I would raise my children in a place where different cultures and personality types butt up against each other, where difference is a way of life and not cause for alarm.
07/24/2015 02:11 EDT