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Michael Wolfson

Canada Research Chair in population health modeling/populomics, University of Ottawa and expert advsior,

Asking if Canadians Spend Too Much on Taxes Misses the Gianni Diliberto via Getty Images

Asking if Canadians Spend Too Much on Taxes Misses the Point

"There are lies, damned lies and statistics" is the well-worn phrase, but nothing better sums up the recent Fraser Institute scare mongering about taxes being the single largest budget item of Canadian households -- as catchy as the headlines may be, it is alarmist spin. Such biased economic exercises raise a fundamental question: Just what indicators should we be using to keep score on Canada's economic performance?
10/08/2015 08:16 EDT
In Canada,

In Canada, "Rags to Riches" Is a Myth

The Fraser Institute's recent study on income mobility claims it is turning conventional wisdom on its head. In a nutshell, they say income inequality in Canada is not a problem because more people have incomes that have been going up than down, particularly among the poorest earners. This reasoning, if it were conceptually and empirically correct, would certainly provide an important caution to the Occupy Wall Street concerns about the dramatic growth in incomes of the top one per cent. Unfortunately, its results are misleading.
12/04/2012 12:19 EST