Michael Yoder

Writer, Public Speaker

Michael Yoder, who lives in Victoria BC, is a writer and public speaker. He has been living with HIV since 1984 and has worked in the field since 1987. Currently, Michael is facilitator of Positively Connected, a project of Victoria AIDS Resource & Community Service Society (VARCS) and is a regular blog contributor to Positive Lite.
Has AIDS Work Lost Its

Has AIDS Work Lost Its Heart?

Since 1996 we have developed better HIV medications and we live longer, fuller and healthier lives. People who are newly diagnosed and the young might not remember the endless funerals and whisperings about who was sick, who had committed suicide, or who had partied to death to escape the inevitable wasting and loss of personal strength and dignity. It's certainly a good thing that we have better medications, but the AIDS industry has become so dichotomized and disjointed that it is not recognizable from those early "grass roots" days, where everyday people did what they could with little resources and a whole lot of heart. The grass roots of HIV have withered and died.
11/27/2012 12:03 EST