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Michael Cayley

Founder, Cdling Capital Services

How do we change the culture of innovation?

With this motive, Michael Cayley founded Cdling Capital Services Inc.

Cdling (pronounced “seedling”) is a serious game that measures risk and builds trust in the era of low cost, globally funded startups.

Having attracted over US$50-million in investment and closed over $21-million in pre-launch sales for startups in China, the USA and in Canada, Michael is living the struggle of the self-funded, pre-revenue Founder in Canada. He understands the pace of global innovation. He founded & funded the Ontario Cross-border Technology Innovation Ecosystem (OCTIE) study and he designed and taught the first, post graduate level, social media course in a full time program in Canada: crowdsourcing over 100 global experts as mentors.

Cdling grew out of Michael’s Social Capital Value Add thesis, conceived during his MBA in Paris, linking social media to corporate valuation. SCVA was selected as a finalist amoung 379 entries from 48 countries in Ashoka’s WeMedia: Power of Us competition and was published as a ChangeThis manifesto in 2008.

That is the perspective Cayley brings to his appointment as National VP of Startup Advocacy, for iCanada Alliance’s Crowdfund Canada movement.

In 2012, Cdling was selected for the Canadian Technology Accelerator Program in Sunnyvale, California. While there, Cayley connected with the Founders of Startup Grind, the fastest growing startup blog and meetup network emerging out of Silicon Valley and was appointed Director of Startup Grind Toronto.
Let's Innovate The Sh*t Out Of The Liberals' Innovation

Let's Innovate The Sh*t Out Of The Liberals' Innovation Budget

In the hit movie The Martian Matt Damon's character, astronaut Mark Watney, is left in the dust of Mars alone to survive. He realizes that to live, "I'm going to have to science the sh*t out of this." There are some lessons in there for the Trudeau government as they conduct their consultations on Canada's wait-and-see innovation budget.
06/22/2016 05:11 EDT
Stock Options Help Canadian Start-Ups Stay

Stock Options Help Canadian Start-Ups Stay Competitive

Like Harper's GST cuts before it, Liberal campaigning to increase taxes on stock options was designed to ride a wave of discontent. In this case, it is the stagnation of wages and promising employment while top exec comp in Canada rises pro rata with American counterparts without supporting increases in productivity.
02/02/2016 04:30 EST
A National Angel Investor Tax Credit Program Will Spur

A National Angel Investor Tax Credit Program Will Spur Innovation

I am hopeful that the new Trudeau government will make good on their promise to listen to diverse voices and make evidence based policy decisions. If so, they will overcome the social structural flaw of innovation and reconsider their campaign promises to dump $200-million per year more into government led hubs and clusters.We can do better, with a combination of a true tax credit that enables angel investors to write off losses and make more small investments faster. This will keep investment decisions decentralized, in the hands of investors, instead of government gatekeepers.
01/07/2016 11:33 EST
We Need to Invest in 21st Century Innovation

We Need to Invest in 21st Century Innovation Infrastructure

In the run up to next week's federal election who is really listening to the startups that make our economy healthy? While we like to think of ourselves as having a market economy it is virtually impossible to do a startup in Ontario without running into the distortion of a government funded gatekeeper.
10/16/2015 08:02 EDT
Subsidizing Private Sector Risk Makes Canada Less

Subsidizing Private Sector Risk Makes Canada Less Competitive

Almost all innovation policy and spending by the Ontario and Federal Governments are focused on subsiding private sector risk. These kinds of government programs create artificial gatekeepers, arbiters empowered to make capital allocation decisions despite never having "been there and done that" -- or often being less qualified to evaluate a new billion-dollar-plus opportunity than the startup founders they are judging.
10/15/2015 12:46 EDT
Change Is on the Horizon For Canadian Venture

Change Is on the Horizon For Canadian Venture Capital

Despite a few Wattpad sized deals, with government (or quasi-government) backed funds filling a void of private investors, all the evidence suggests that venture markets in Canada are not working as they should.
04/11/2014 05:53 EDT
Has Canada Put a Question Mark Over the

Has Canada Put a Question Mark Over the Bitcoin?

Bitcoin -- the virtual currency and global payment system -- is coming off a banner year. Recently an official from the Federal Department of Finance apparently indicated in an email to a media outlet that bitcoin is not legal tender in Canada. That was cause for David George-Cosh to suggest that Canada was "putting a question mark over the use of" bitcoin in Canada in a <em>Wall Street Journal</em> post. In my view, the comment from Finance does nothing to inhibit bitcoin's growth, acceptance, or adoption in Canada.
01/28/2014 07:59 EST
Canada's New Digital Divide: The Digital Currency

Canada's New Digital Divide: The Digital Currency Challenge

Now the emergence of Bitcoin, a digital currency launched in 2009, raises the question: Will Canada's core banking and finance communities hustle to embrace a trend that Marc Andreessen compares to the emergence of the early Internet or will they lobby governments to slow Canadian adoption?
11/21/2013 02:49 EST