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Michal Kravcik

Founder, People and Water NGO

Michal Kravčík, Dipl. Ing. CSc., (1956) completed his studies in Waterworks Construction and Water Management at the Slovak Technical University and worked for the Institute of Hydrology and Hydraulics and the Institute of Ecology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. He is the founder of the People and Water NGO, a holder of the Goldman Environmental Prize and a member of ASHOKA: Innovators for the Public, an international network of innovators who work for public welfare.

He is the most representative of the People and Water NGO, which has been awarded the EU-USA Prize for Democracy and Civil Society Development. He took off “Kosice Civic Protocol for water, vegetation and climate change” (2009) Besides other studies and publications, he is the lead-author of the books “Water for the Third Millenium” (2000), "Water for the Recovery of the Climate - A New Water Paradigm" (2007, “Between Floods and Droughts” (2009), “Water without border” (2010) and “After us the desert and the deluge?" (2012).
Why Spring and Autumn Are Slowly

Why Spring and Autumn Are Slowly Vanishing

Why spring and autumn are slowly disappearing from our yearly calendar has nothing to do with global warming, and everything to do with the role of water. Sandy's impact upon Manhattan and beyond reveal that a more in depth understanding on the relationship between water and its functions on earth is called for.
11/02/2012 12:10 EDT