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For A Freer Press, Add Economic WendellandCarolyn via Getty Images

For A Freer Press, Add Economic Freedom

A free press is one of the bulwarks of a modern, democratic society. Thomas Jefferson himself famously preferred newspapers without a government to government without newspapers. Yet there is an underappreciated link between freedom of the press, on the one hand, and economic freedom, on the other.
05/02/2017 09:13 EDT
Explaining The Concept Of Consumer PA Wire/PA Images

Explaining The Concept Of Consumer Surplus

A large majority of people do not smoke, or no longer smoke, and tend to accept certain bits of conventional wisdom without question. Smoking tobacco being harmful to one's health, smokers therefore need to be protected--even those who would choose to, say, patronize their own smoking restaurants and bars. And we can count on government to enforce regulations and bans to this effect. But what if smokers get something from their "vice," and that this can be explained in economic terms? The answer could be found in the concept of consumer surplus.
04/06/2017 11:27 EDT
Airport Privatization Is About To Take Off In

Airport Privatization Is About To Take Off In Canada

What happens when the private sector takes over? While airports may seem like monopolies which have no incentive to reduce ticket prices, it is important to recognize the effective and potential competition with which they are faced.
11/03/2016 02:35 EDT
Driving Ridesharing Out Of lovro77 via Getty Images

Driving Ridesharing Out Of Quebec

While the city of Toronto passes rules to make it easy for ride-sharing companies to operate legally, the province of Quebec is set to make it so difficult that it chases those companies away. If the government does drive Uber out, it would constitute a significant harm to the thousands of Uber drivers, and hundreds of thousands of Uber riders, in the province.
05/10/2016 11:48 EDT
I Don't Care About

I Don't Care About Oil

My MEI colleagues and I have signed, in recent years, a number of texts explaining among other things the merits of oil and gas development in Canada, and of transporting oil by pipeline. This is enou...
03/22/2016 05:27 EDT
This Is How Police Services Can Do More With Roberto Machado Noa via Getty Images

This Is How Police Services Can Do More With Less

Despite a falling crime rate, policing costs have nearly doubled in Canada over the past 25 years. In this context, it makes absolutely no sense to soak up police officers' time with tasks that should not logically be included in their job descriptions. Why not refocus the work of police officers on their essential duties, and employ other categories of personnel for auxiliary or administrative tasks?
12/04/2015 05:27 EST
High Taxes Have Created Brain Drain in Martial Colomb via Getty Images

High Taxes Have Created Brain Drain in France

This problem is also a Canadian concern. A May 2015 survey of high-impact Canadian firms revealed that "finding employees to expand and scale their business ranks as one of the top challenges identified by entrepreneurs." Lower and less progressive taxation would help attract and retain highly specialized labour.
10/23/2015 05:48 EDT