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Michel Picard

Parliamentary Secretary for Public Safety

Michel Picard is an expert in financial crime and is the author of several articles and books on the subject. He has worked for a number of employers in both the private and public sectors, most notably for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Integrated Market Enforcement Team, on its investigation of the Norbourg file. Michel also created and directed a Master’s level course on combating financial crime within the Faculty of Management at the University of Sherbrooke’s Longueuil campus.

An international public speaker, Michel’s expertise in the area of economic crime is much valued by Quebec’s media. In this capacity, he is a guest analyst with RDI Matin Week end, where he comments on the testimonies heard at the Charbonneau Commission.

Michel holds both a Master’s degree and a Doctorate in Political Science from l’Université de Paris X and a graduate diploma in Management from l’Université Laval.
Conservatives Double Down On Divisive Policies Canadians

Conservatives Double Down On Divisive Policies Canadians Rejected

The wedge politics and fearmongering of the Conservatives in the last election were resoundingly rejected by Canadians. Whether it is Kellie Leitch playing to xenophobia with her values test or Tony Clement gleefully trampling our rights, it seems the Conservative Party still hasn't gotten the memo.
09/15/2016 04:20 EDT