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Michele Kambolis

Clinical Therapist, Author, Parenting Expert, Mind-Body Health Specialist and National Columnist

Michele Kambolis is a 20-year veteran as a Child and Family Therapist and Doctoral level researcher in Mind-Body Medicine.

She is the founder of Chi Kids, and her book, Generation Stressed: Play-Based Tools to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety, has been endorsed by leading psychologists worldwide. It revolutionizes the way we parent ourselves and our children.

She is a columnist and parenting and health expert for The Vancouver Sun and Postmedia Group and contributes regularly to Today’s Parent Magazine and over 30 websites across North America.

Michele has contributed to or been featured in media outlets such as Good Morning America, Huffington Post Live, FOX 5 News, Canada AM, Sirius Satellite Radio, Global News, CTV and many more.

Michele is also a sought after keynote speaker at conferences and workshops where she skillfully combines her knowledge of parenting, positive psychology and neuroscience leaving her audience with motivational tools for change.
How To Get Your Child To Sleep Through The

How To Get Your Child To Sleep Through The Night

The connection between children's sleep and their overall brain health is undeniable. Without the requisite 10 to 12 hours of sleep recommended by The Canadian Pediatric Society (most children are getting only nine), schoolchildren aren't just facing a cranky day -- if the problem continues long-term, their development is at risk. Their brains will lack the rest needed to grow optimally, their insulin levels and metabolism may become imbalanced, and their immune functions can become compromised.
03/16/2017 09:14 EDT