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Michelle Butterfield

Viral News Editor, HuffPost Canada

Michelle Butterfield is a viral news editor for HuffPost Canada. She previously worked for The Calgary Herald as a crime reporter and online editor. 

A Halifax native, she has lived in Calgary for more than a decade. When not searching thrift stores for bargains, she's making the best borscht you've ever tasted.

Words You Need To Know To Get By On The Prairies

In Alberta, rather, I stay at a cabin and tie up my runners when I want to run. I get a 2-4 to celebrate May Long. And my underwear are now gitch. Now, I had a bit of an advantage moving out west -- my mother and I moved from Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia when I was quite young, so I grew up with terms like "kitty-corner" and "bunnyhug" in my vocabulary, still, though, use any of those words out east and people will look at you like you've got two heads.
10/27/2013 11:51 EDT

We Need to Have Better Conversations About Money

I am mortified. Mortified to be going into a discount store to buy a pair of knockoff shoes that everyone will know aren't the real deal. She doesn't know I'm mortified because I haven't told her. The fraudulent shoes are purchased and, when possible, I carefully tuck my feet out of sight around my friends so they don't notice my shoes' Velcro straps are missing the "Teva" tag.
10/09/2013 10:22 EDT

Calgary Roommates' Extreme Experiment

Cashing Out is The Huffington Post Alberta's look into lives of Albertans who are trying to make their dollars stretch a bit further. We'll examine people who are spending less, cutting back and bucki...
10/02/2013 11:18 EDT

The Most Insane Questions Tourists Ask When They Come To Alberta

I'm not sure where it comes from - likely just a general unfamiliarity with the province and country, and perhaps perpetuated by other staff in the hospitality industry messing with the tourists -- but people who come to Alberta on vacation have some pretty crazy notions about what goes in this province; particularly in the national parks.
09/15/2013 12:20 EDT