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Michelle Driedger

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Environment and Health Risk Communication, Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba; Expert Advisor,

Why My Children and I Will Be Getting the Flu Vaccine This Getty

Why My Children and I Will Be Getting the Flu Vaccine This Year

I regularly get the flu shot and I vaccinate my children too. But every so often, I question these decisions, particularly when I come across words that are new to me, like "live attenuated vaccine" or a new vaccine delivery type, such as nasal mist instead of the usual needle. This happened to me this week while deciding whether to get the annual flu shot or not.
11/13/2014 08:42 EST
Be Careful or You May Catch Steve Debenport via Getty Images

Be Careful or You May Catch 'Fearbola'

Providing effective communication is critical to ensuring health care workers feel informed and safe at work. Nursing union representatives have clearly expressed that nurses do not feel prepared for Ebola in their hospitals. Media stories have documented how personal protective equipment and training for front line health workers hasn't been available in all hospital locations across the country.
11/11/2014 05:04 EST