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Michelle Munro

Leader, HIV Program Development

Michelle Munro has over 25 years experience leading and implementing HIV, Primary Health CARE, reproductive health, child health and development programmes in Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Projects she has designed and managed enhance vulnerable groups' access to services and reduce their vulnerability to risk; build community resilience to the impacts of ill health; and build health sector capacity to deliver quality services and measure their impact. Operations research to determine how to best deliver community based and health system services has been a cross-cutting focus. She has worked in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, South Sudan, Pakistan. Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Papua New Guinea.
Is Canada Further Marginalizing Those With Alamy

Is Canada Further Marginalizing Those With HIV?

Canada used to be a leader in supporting research to monitor HIV in key populations -- terrifically difficult because the activities that put them at risk are covert and illegal in many countries; surveillance can expose vulnerable populations to authorities and create risks for them. But Canada bowed out of supporting the HIV/AIDS Surveillance Project this year, just one more brick in a wall that is contributing to exclusion and marginalization of those most vulnerable to HIV infection. It's such a shame that our government has lost its vision of never leaving anyone behind.
11/21/2012 07:47 EST