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Michelle Rabin

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Michelle is a true Torontonian. Born and raised in the city, she has woven her way into the food and wine industry. After attending George Brown College for Culinary Arts, Michelle has spend the last couple of years slinging sandwiches on food trucks, working in test kitchens, organizing pop-up dinners and serving at some of Toronto's best restaurants. She loves attending weekly farmer's Markets, buying locally grown products and eating seasonally.
The Art of Eating Alone: Egg in a Little

The Art of Eating Alone: Egg in a Little Pot

I am 27. I live in the city. I love to cook. Due to my recent past, I have found myself eating alone more often. At first, eating alone was really difficult. I would shovel down a big bowl of something that was thrown together in minutes. At one time a chore, I now consider eating alone to be an art form. My goal is to instruct anyone to do the same.
01/17/2013 08:06 EST