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Michelle Suarly

Writer, registered nurse, foodie, and world traveller.

Michelle Suarly is a writer, registered nurse, foodie, and world traveller. She is a graduate of the University of Waterloo Master of Public Health program and a volunteer with the Ontario Public Health Association, where she served as a writer for their preconception health position paper. When she is not writing, working, or studying, she is travelling the world or going on random adventures.
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Growing Up Asian Meant Cool Eyelids And Gourmet Lunches

When I was ten years old, my babysitter offered to give my friend Jimmy a ride home. As I sat in the back beside my friend, he turned to me and said, "Michelle, can you close your eyes for a second? They're different! You don't have a crease in your eye. I've never noticed this before. They are so cool!" This was my first introduction to the concept of having double eyelids.
10/24/2016 02:10 EDT