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Mike Anderson

Political Correspondent, MTV Canada

Mike Anderson is <em>MTV News</em>' Political Correspondent. <br> <br> Mike is entering his second year at the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Law and holds a degree in Communications Studies from the University of Ottawa, where he also served as Vice-President of the Student Federation. <br> <br> Mike cycled across Canada in the summer of 2007 and most recently hosted MTV News' <em>Impact: Elect This</em>, a special which focused on youth politics in the last Canadian federal election.
Role Playing With Stephen

Role Playing With Stephen Harper

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is set to appear on <em>Murdoch Mysteries</em> today, so I am offering myself to be Mr. Harper's agent. I'm the Ari Gold of Parliament Hill and as the fall television season is approaching, my assistant Lloyd and I have landed some very major roles for him.
07/20/2011 11:40 EDT
Canada's Son, My

Canada's Son, My Hero

"I'm going to bike across Canada this summer, you in?" The words floated out of my roommate's mouth mouth like he was asking if I wanted to go see a movie. I had no idea how to answer. Yet, just a few months later, I dipped the tire of my new road bike into the Atlantic and I thought of Terry Fox.
07/01/2011 08:07 EDT
Playstation Data Breaches: Revenge of the

Playstation Data Breaches: Revenge of the Nerds?

Sony could have learned a lesson from <em>Revenge of the Nerds</em> before launching a legal battle against George Hotz. The lawsuit sprung "vigilante technologists" who promised to avenge their peer like nerds applying 'liquid heat' onto the football team's jockstraps.
06/10/2011 09:19 EDT
Lindsay Lohan and the

Lindsay Lohan and the Liberals

Just like Lohan, the Liberal Party sat humbled in front of the media, milked a fading celebrity status, and promised wholeheartedly to change -- similar to a celebrity who hit rock bottom.
06/01/2011 07:58 EDT