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Mike Fegelman

Executive Director, HonestReporting Canada

Mike Fegelman is executive director of <a href="" rel="nofollow">HonestReporting Canada</a>, a non-profit organization which ensures fair and accurate Canadian media coverage of Israel.
Palestinian Incitement Is Crowdsourcing

Palestinian Incitement Is Crowdsourcing Terror

In the past two weeks, Israel has borne the brunt of hundreds of terror attacks. Terror doesn't occur in a vacuum and terrorists are born from nurture, not nature. Fanning the flames and provoking this recent terror war is a sustained campaign of incitement to violence, indoctrination of hate and justification of terror.
10/22/2015 05:32 EDT
When Criticism of Israel Becomes

When Criticism of Israel Becomes Anti-Semitism

No country should be beyond legitimate criticism and all should be measured against the same yardstick, but when you single out one country over all others, namely Israel, and hold it to a unique standard and put it on the receiving end of exclusive censure, it's anti-Semitism, plain and simple.
08/31/2015 13:38 EDT
The Iran Nuclear Deal is an Appeasement to

The Iran Nuclear Deal is an Appeasement to Terror

What we're witnessing is a tragic capitulation and appeasement of terror that should not be celebrated, but castigated by the community of nations, our politicians, community stakeholders, and media alike.
08/06/2015 12:55 EDT
ICC Membership Only Hinders the Palestinian

ICC Membership Only Hinders the Palestinian Cause

The PA's diplomatic stunt is a zero-sum game that will only obstruct the peace process and assault Israel's legitimacy. In no way does the Palestinian attempt to join the International Criminal Court advance the prospects for peace with Israel, instead, Palestinian intransigence only impedes its own path to procuring statehood.
01/20/2015 05:27 EST
How a Boat From Gaza Could Threaten Israel's

How a Boat From Gaza Could Threaten Israel's Security

Historical precedent shows Israel's need to enforce a maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip to ensure that rockets, thousands of which are being fired at Israeli cities presently, do not end up in the hands of terrorists bent on maiming and murdering civilians. And yet, Lotayeff is of the mindset that Hamas should control the territorial waters for commercial purposes and peaceful sailing.
07/22/2014 12:49 EDT
Reality Check, Toronto Star: Israeli Checkpoints Save

Reality Check, Toronto Star: Israeli Checkpoints Save Lives

Since the Second Intifada in 2,000, 1,227 Israelis have been killed in terror attacks and 8,549 have been injured. Additionally, the Shin Bet claims to have been able to prevent 190 terror attacks in 2013, 40 which were carried out by terrorists freed under the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap, including 16 suicide attacks, as opposed to 112 in 2012.
02/06/2014 12:02 EST
Harper's Support for Israel Worthy of

Harper's Support for Israel Worthy of Praise

A closer look at the Canada-Israel relationship reveals that Canada has exercised moral clarity by standing up to double standards, dictators, and outright hypocrisy. Canada, under Stephen Harper's administration has confronted terror, upheld international law, and promoted peace between Israelis, Palestinians and the region as a whole.
12/03/2013 05:41 EST
In Israel, the Sanctity of Life Trumps Religion and

In Israel, the Sanctity of Life Trumps Religion and Conflict

As conflict rages in Syria, Israel has taken in hundreds of Syrian refugees in need of urgent medical care. Even though Israel is officially at war with Syria, the preservation of life trumps security concerns. Likewise, when Palestinian terrorists try to indoctrinate children to wear suicide bomb vests, Israel remarkably takes painful efforts to save that child's life.
09/12/2013 05:02 EDT
The Soft Bigotry of Low Palestinian

The Soft Bigotry of Low Palestinian Expectations

Almost at the same time that Israeli and Palestinian negotiators met in Washington recently, ostensibly in good faith to re-launch Mideast peace talks, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told reporters in Egypt that no Israelis would be allowed to remain in a future Palestinian state.
08/12/2013 05:55 EDT
Canada Was Right To Oppose the Palestinian UN

Canada Was Right To Oppose the Palestinian UN Bid

The UN, which continues to be depicted in the media as an impartial institution dedicated to conflict resolution, provided the platform for Mahmoud Abbas to flout Oslo and vilify Israel. Indeed, the resolution granting elevated status to "Palestine" was cited deferentially by the media, without context.
05/09/2013 05:38 EDT
Who Owns Jerusalem According to International

Who Owns Jerusalem According to International Law?

True to form of Israel's detractors, the Toronto Star published a commentary this month which engaged in historical revisionism and outright lies by claiming that Israel has no legal claim to Jerusalem and areas of the West Bank, called until a few decades ago "Judea and Samaria", and now referred to by writer Carol Trainor as "occupied territories."
02/26/2013 12:31 EST
When it Comes to Israel, Alexandre Trudeau's Got it

When it Comes to Israel, Alexandre Trudeau's Got it Wrong

In the face of international condemnation of Iran's destructive pursuit of nuclear weapons and its repeated calls for Israel's destruction, filmmaker Alexandre Trudeau reports that Iran's atomic ambitions are for "defensive" purposes only, serving as an effective "deterrent" against Israeli "aggression" and belligerence. That is at least the way Trudeau framed the second instalment of his three-part documentary that aired on CBC's <em>The National</em> on October 14.
10/25/2012 05:46 EDT
Netanyahu Is

Netanyahu Is "Canada's New Foreign Minister"? Baloney

Tony Burman, current Ryerson University journalism professor claimed "the Harper government's outsourcing of Canada's Middle East policy to Jerusalem is now complete" in the Toronto Star. Without even a modicum of evidence to support his allegation, Burman used only conjecture and specious argumentation to smear Israel, instead of grounding his opinions in facts.
09/14/2012 05:54 EDT

"Punked" Egyptians Reveal Their Hatred of Jews

On July 20, an Egyptian T.V. show prank where famous Egyptian actors believed they were being interviewed by a German T.V. station, turned into mayhem when they were told they were being interviewed on an Israeli network. This should serve as an ominous warning about the prevailing hateful sentiments Egyptian Arabs hold for Jews.
08/15/2012 03:59 EDT

"Palestine" Should Use Water to Procure Peace, Not Perpetuate Conflict

Water is an invaluable commodity in the Middle East. Due to the region's scarcity of this vital natural resource, water can be used to perpetuate conflict, fuel wars, and even procure peace. Contrary to claims made by Dr. Shaddad Attili, the Minister of the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA), in his Huffington Post Canada commentary, Israel exports volumes of water to the West Bank greatly in excess of what the Oslo Accords had mandated.
07/11/2012 02:06 EDT
Hey UNESCO, Keep Politics Out of

Hey UNESCO, Keep Politics Out of Religion

Politics is to religion, like oil is to water, they just don't mix. Recently, UNESCO politicized religion by labelling Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity as an endangered world heritage site, despite the fact that the UN's own experts investigating the state of the Church's premises concluded that the building is not in any urgent danger and that PA hype is just hot political air.
07/06/2012 05:20 EDT