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Mike Nelson

Father, Husband, Blogger and Manager/Commander of the Crimson Sabres Woodsball Team.

I'm a husband and Father of two teenagers, aspiring blogger and manager of the Crimson Sabres Woodsball Team. I'm a former member of the Canadian Forces (Land) and a Personal Protection Agent. I enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge with others and getting out and meeting people.
More than just a Paintball

More than just a Paintball Team

One of the most common things you will hear a member of the Crimson Sabres proudly say is, "We are more than Just a Paintball Team" But, what exactly do they mean? Most importantly, Why.
10/21/2013 06:45 EDT
Yes, Paintball Is A

Yes, Paintball Is A Sport

In this day and age of gaming consoles and the rise in obesity, why not get off the couch and come out to your local field and have a game or two. Paintball offers all the thrills you are getting from your game consoles without the safety of your screen in the way and you get some cardio work out at the same time. There are lots of articles being written now about the health benefit of getting out and playing paintball. Your heart and lungs get a work out every time you step onto the field and realize as you raise your marker (correct term instead of paintball gun)...someone else is out there gunning for me and my friend those paintballs have a muzzle velocity of 300fps (feet per second).
11/06/2012 07:00 EST