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Mike Pond

Psychotherapist, Author, Father

Mike Pond worked as a psychiatric nurse before receiving his Masters in Social Work. In 1995 he began a successful private psychotherapy practice in Penticton, B.C. Then he lost his business and family to alcoholism. After becoming sober in August of 2009, Mike opened a new practice in Vancouver with a specialty in addictions. He lives with his partner Maureen in North Vancouver.
My Years Of Alcoholism Gave Way To Mental Illness (BOOK

My Years Of Alcoholism Gave Way To Mental Illness (BOOK EXCERPT)

I claw at the head of the stinky, stained mattress, hanging on to life and wishing for death. The room is dark and claustrophobic. But not dark enough. My eyes refuse to stay closed. They burn and sting. My jaw aches continuously from anxious teeth-grinding. Normally, this far along in withdrawal, I'm through feeling hyper-anxious and hyper-vigilant. This time is different and frightening. I cannot sleep. If I do, I'll suffocate.
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