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Mike Rizkalla

President and Co-Founder, Raised Performance Media

Mike Rizkalla is a freelance blogger and respected social media and technology analyst in addition to being President and Co-Founder of Raised Performance Media in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a newly opened office in New York City.
How Technology Is Changing Your Kid's

How Technology Is Changing Your Kid's Education

Education is undergoing a huge paradigm shift, not just a facelift. Kids choose the experiences they enjoy. They seek knowledge and education in subject areas they choose -- and that's only the start. Even the concept of the expert is changing, people are deciding who they want to learn from. More and more, the people and institutions and corporations who deliver education are understanding that students are demanding to be at the centre of the user and educational experience.
10/16/2012 05:12 EDT
Social Media on its Own Won't Make a

Social Media on its Own Won't Make a Difference

Marketers often believe that social outlets themselves create change, however most of us know that is not the case. A Twitter feed of "gobligook" is still just a bunch of "gobligook" that no one wants to read about. Using social media to empower and create voice in the virtual world is only as powerful as the reaction people have or can be inspired to have in physical world.
10/01/2012 11:01 EDT