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Mike Rowlands

Principal, Junxion Strategy

An accomplished entrepreneur, consultant and leader, Mike Rowland crafts distinctive strategies and supports visionary entrepreneurs and leaders.
Mike helps organizations around the world develop TrustBrands™— inspiring, meaningful, and values-driven engagement strategies that distinguish organizations as market leaders.

Mike has worked with 1% for the Planet, Sentebale (Prince Harry’s charity), the Australian Trade Commission, and many start-up ventures and not-for-profit organizations. He’s an ambassador of the Social Venture Network and an executive producer of the celebrated annual Social Venture Institute.
He’s also an advisor to the Faculty of Management at Royal Roads University, and a member of the Leaders Circle at the UBC's Innovation Hub, a social venture accelerator program.

Mike is sought after as a presenter and keynote speaker on strategy, entrepreneurship, sector collaborations, and communications.
As Part Of An Immigrant Family, Trump's Travel Ban Feels

As Part Of An Immigrant Family, Trump's Travel Ban Feels Personal

There are those who dismiss President Donald Trump's travel ban as an everyday security policy. I say by proposing it in the first place, and by arguing for it so vehemently in the face of massive, vocal opposition, the Oval Office is betraying America's commitment to be "the home of the brave."
02/09/2017 03:33 EST
Purpose: Putting Meaning To

Purpose: Putting Meaning To Work

There is a vast gulf growing between younger generations, who want genuine purpose in their work, and older generations (their
07/29/2016 10:29 EDT
Entrepreneurs Need to Find the Wheelmaker, Not Reinvent the

Entrepreneurs Need to Find the Wheelmaker, Not Reinvent the Wheel

Simply put, rather than reinventing the wheel, entrepreneurs need to find the wheel-maker, and leverage the wheel-maker's expertise and experience. There are four key practices to embed this into the enterprise. First, build a network before it's needed. I'm convinced that the single most important asset any entrepreneur can build is their Rolodex.
01/27/2015 05:44 EST
Confronting Complexity and Embracing

Confronting Complexity and Embracing Ambition

The Skoll World Forum convenes leading thinkers from around the world whose projects, enterprises and organizations are working to solve the world's most pressing problems.
04/23/2014 05:55 EDT
What If It Businesses Were Profitable And Socially

What If It Businesses Were Profitable <i>And</i> Socially Responsible?

"Not Business As Usual" contemplates a new era in business -- one that realizes business as usual has pushed the limits of our planet's capacity, while concentrating financial wealth in the hands of a too-small minority. The film celebrates ventures and entrepreneurs that refuse to sacrifice social good on the altar of shareholder returns. For them, healthy enterprises embody a significant shift in the underpinnings of business that is "bringing humanity back."
03/05/2014 06:25 EST