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Minnow Hamilton

Editor and Chief Curator, SavvyMom Media

As the editor and co-founder of SavvyMom Media, Minnow manages the development of all content on the <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> website and newsletters. <br> <br> When she is not consumed with finding practical solutions for moms everyday dilemmas on <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>, she can usually be found cooking, harping on about finishing homework or driving around Southern Ontario to golf, baseball, football or skiing events for her 12 and 14-year-old boys.
Great Summer Reads for Kids (and a Few For

Great Summer Reads for Kids (and a Few For Mom!)

Summer's here and moms and kids alike are on a quest to find a great summer read. So with that in mind, our editors, writers and savvy storytellers have shared the novels they love, and the books their kids adore. Here's a taste of what they chose.
07/07/2012 06:32 EDT
Little League Baseball Has Grown-Up

Little League Baseball Has Grown-Up Consequences

I don't want my kids to think that violence, entitlement and disrespect are a regular part of sports. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they are a part of the experience and will help prepare them for what's ahead. But is that really what little league baseball is all about?
07/01/2012 12:08 EDT
SavvyMom's Ultimate Guide to

SavvyMom's Ultimate Guide to July

There isn't much room for lazy in our hazy summer days, but we love them nonetheless. Enjoy every minute of this month with these savvy suggestions on how to make the most of July. From books to read, crafts to make and well-being challenges to take, he's a comprehensive list of my July favourites.
06/29/2012 05:43 EDT
Four Cool Cucumber

Four Cool Cucumber Dishes!

This month, the humble cucumber is creatively served up in four fast and fresh ways that leave you with plenty of free time in the evening for some outdoor family fun. Loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, cucumbers are also high in vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.
06/23/2012 11:30 EDT
SavvyMom Roundup on Peeing, Playing and...A

SavvyMom Roundup on Peeing, Playing and...A Dingo?

As the weather heats up, it seems world events keep getting wackier! A dingo, pee-filled swimming pools, David Cameron's lost child, a stress video and more. I saw some pretty good stuff last week. Here are the top five that got my attention.
06/18/2012 11:21 EDT
16 Great Father's Day

16 Great Father's Day Gifts

It's dad's turn this month. Let him own it with something special from our 16 great Father's Day gifts.
06/16/2012 03:14 EDT
SavvyMom Roundup of Serious Dos and

SavvyMom Roundup of Serious Dos and Don'ts

From exciting new lip colour treats, to dangerous laundry detergent, to wedding boots, this week was fully of exciting news at SavvyMom. Here's what caught my attention out of all the latest fashion, style and parenting info out there on the Internet.
06/03/2012 01:16 EDT
Stay in the Sun Without Getting

Stay in the Sun Without Getting Burned

When you think about sun safety, remember our mantra: slip (on a shirt), slop (on some sunscreen) and slap (on a hat). Our "23 Ways to Stay Safe in the Sun" will do some of the work for you. Here's just a taste.
06/01/2012 04:41 EDT
Time (Magazine) to Move

Time (Magazine) to Move On

Even though it feels like old news already, I can't ignore the headline grabbing <em>Time</em> magainze cover controversy. But there was so much more that caught my attention this week -- like, Savvy 'momisms', parties and wall stickers.
05/20/2012 12:20 EDT
Allergy Soothers For Little

Allergy Soothers For Little Ones

Our kids are perfect. It's just that when they have runny noses and itchy eyes they don't always look or feel that way. To make sure they are at their best, we put together a list of allergy Soothers for you to look through. Here are some of our favourites...
05/19/2012 12:31 EDT
SavvyMom's Guide to

SavvyMom's Guide to May

May is your month, moms! Here's some tips to help make your mother's day month the best it can be. Lots of things to read, download and try while the weather warms up.
05/14/2012 07:49 EDT
What We Didn't Expect From What to

What We Didn't Expect From What to Expect

Google's self-driving car, pregnancy must-haves, more <em>Fifty Shades of Grey</em>, mason jars and sandwich bags -- they all caught my attention this week.
05/13/2012 12:38 EDT
Some of the Best Mother's Day Presents Can't Be

Some of the Best Mother's Day Presents Can't Be Bought

Instead of telling you what gifts you want for this Mother's Day, we thought we would instead show you three of the seventeen gifts you already have! As you open up those homemade cards and eat burnt toast in bed, take a moment to think about all the little things--the smiles, the hugs and the freshly picked bouquet of dandelions.
05/10/2012 09:51 EDT
Nutella is More Bitter than

Nutella is More Bitter than Sweet

Every week Minnow picks five things that have caught her attention. This week, moms are really into the Nutella lawsuit, videos that are pulling on parental heart strings, design-your-own-shoes sites, and more.
05/04/2012 06:15 EDT
Saved by the Print Button: Very Last-Minute

Saved by the Print Button: Very Last-Minute Gifts

Last minute madness in your house is the norm. (You've actually turned it into an art form.) So you can easily handle a little hiccup this time of year -- forgotten gifts, suddenly out-of-stock orders and too-late shipping dates. Keep calm and carry on savvy-style, with these last-minute gift solutions.
12/20/2011 02:52 EST
15 Things to Cross Off Your Christmas

15 Things to Cross Off Your Christmas Checklist

While others have a team of helpers -- flying reindeer, magical elves, Mrs. Claus -- you're generally running solo on your seasonal to-dos. To ensure you don't miss the small stuff, (the joys of the season, that is), I streamlined a holiday checklist for you.
12/08/2011 09:15 EST
Gift Wrapping Solutions From SavvyMom's Holiday

Gift Wrapping Solutions From SavvyMom's Holiday Workshop

You might be cringing every time you hear "The Little Drummer Boy" playing in the grocery store aisles, but I'm here to tell you that it's time to man up and start that list. First things first, you'll need paper goods.
11/26/2011 08:26 EST