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Miriam Pearl

Mom, recipe developer, entrepreneur, teacher, tv guest, advocate for food allergies and Celiac Disease based on life with kids.

Miriam Pearl is the mom, recipe developer, and the entrepreneur behind Delicious Without Gluten Inc. She owned a design studio for 18 years and a peanut free bakery for two years. With one child who suffers severe food allergies and both children with Celiac Disease she decided to leave the bakery behind to focus full time on the health, care and safety of her children.
Understanding the challenges of having children with allergies and gluten intolerance, her compassion for other moms dealing with this runs deep which is why she has made it her business to provide healthy, delicious safe-to-eat foods.
Most recently, Miriam built her very own dedicated peanut/nut free, dairy-free and gluten-free kosher factory where she bakes many types of fresh bread and other baked goods. Her strength? You would never know anything was gluten-free!
Miriam appears monthly on BT Montreal and teaches children and adults how to bake and cook gluten-free.
Allergen-Friendly Holiday Meal Miriam Pearl

Allergen-Friendly Holiday Meal Planning

When it comes to the meal, I always enjoy planning an outstanding menu. I have found over the past few years that more and more often the people I entertain have special requests around the food they do and do not eat so I try my best to accommodate them.
12/05/2016 04:46 EST
Kids With Dietary Needs Must Be Empowered, Not Westend61 via Getty Images

Kids With Dietary Needs Must Be Empowered, Not Protected

I wasn't doing my kids any favours by handling everything, and I knew I had to let the kids take some of the responsibility. Even though they were only 6 and 7 then, I started to share everything I knew and everything I did in the name of safe eating for Celiacs and allergies, and as time passed, they started to take over for themselves.
10/07/2016 08:13 EDT
Sweet Treats For The Jewish New Alex Vasilescu via Getty Images

Sweet Treats For The Jewish New Year

I love the harvest that autumn brings to us. It's an invigorating time of renewal and bounty in nature and with Rosh Hashanah on our heels, it's a time for setting intentions for a sweet, bountiful year. My whole family including the gluttons for gluten look forward to eating my gluten free adaptations. I hope to make your year a little sweeter with a couple of fresh ideas for those baskets of harvested apples.
09/21/2016 06:46 EDT
How To Keep The Excitement In Your Gluten-Free Miriam Pearl

How To Keep The Excitement In Your Gluten-Free Kitchen

I have had to become resourceful and over time I have learned how to manage the restrictions in such a way that my kids can always find something to eat. If I can offer up advice or ideas that other moms or dads who are doing all of the preparation can find helpful I'm totally into that.
05/24/2016 03:45 EDT
As A Mom, Gluten-Free Certification Is A Matter Of Jason Lugo via Getty Images

As A Mom, Gluten-Free Certification Is A Matter Of Trust

When you see the Gluten Free Certification Logo on your favourite products you should know that much work goes into getting this stamp of approval. Even though the people who buy these gluten-free products that are more accessible and easy to find than ever have their own reasons for consuming them, they still need to be certifiably 100 per cent safe for celiacs.
04/04/2016 06:32 EDT
Which Gluten-Free Celebrity Are You Most Redfishingboat/Flickr

Which Gluten-Free Celebrity Are You Most Like?

Celebrities wield their influence and media outlets go gaga over celebs endorsing their gluten-free choices. Grocery stores have whole aisles dedicated to gluten-free products which are great for those of us who depend on gluten-free eating for health reasons. But who are these celebrities, what are their reasons for deleting gluten from their diet?
02/16/2016 12:58 EST
What to Do Next After Being Diagnosed With Celiac Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

What to Do Next After Being Diagnosed With Celiac Disease

You're not alone. I remember the first time the doctor called me to tell me my son had celiac disease. I was horrified! It's alright to cry, get angry, lose your cool. It's alright to mourn the loss of gluten from your life. Breathe, accept the diagnosis and trust that you will get there. After a few months, life gets easier and the celiac patient starts to feel better.
09/16/2015 08:05 EDT
12 Delicious Ways to Serve Gluten-Free Foods on a

12 Delicious Ways to Serve Gluten-Free Foods on a Stick

Kids have the right idea. They eat food off sticks like nobody's business. Cake pops, chocolate covered marshmallows, frozen treats on a stick, but I wonder, hey why not good-for-you-food too and how about us grownups? This is where I say "Skew it," let's have some fun and put all the colours of the rainbow on sticks, let's make magnificent mini versions of the food we all love to eat and skew 'em all!
08/14/2015 04:34 EDT
Six of My Best Time-Saver Tips for the Busy Shutterstock / Mert Toker

Six of My Best Time-Saver Tips for the Busy Cook

There is constant food prep for each child you have with celiac or allergies; three meals a day plus snacks seven days a week, 365 days a year. At first I was scrambling trying to figure out what to feed my kids until I learned to manage it all with these six simple time-saving ways to prepare meals and snacks. Today this is my gift to you!
07/28/2015 12:04 EDT