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Mitch Joel

President, Mirum

<p><a href="" rel="nofollow">Mitch Joel</a> is President of <a href="" rel="nofollow">Mirum</a> – a global digital marketing agency operating in close to 20 countries. His first book, <a href="" rel="nofollow">Six Pixels of Separation</a>, named after his successful blog and podcast is a business and marketing bestseller. His second book, <a href="" rel="nofollow">CTRL ALT Delete</a>, was named one of the best business books of 2013 by Amazon.</p>
For Brands, It's A Small (And Strange) World After

For Brands, It's A Small (And Strange) World After All

For every legitimate and corporately run group like Jeep's annual Jeep Jamboree adventure event and meet-up, you have groups like IKEA Hackers. Formed in May 2006 on a blog, this website is now full of passionate IKEA customers who build their own, unique, projects by modifying and repurposing IKEA products.
03/18/2014 08:38 EDT
Do You Know The Social Media

Do You Know The Social Media Secret?

The San Francisco based startup Secret (that was founded by two former Google and Square employees) is getting tons of attention, followers and fans. In short, you can write anything that's on your mind, add photos or colors to the background and customize this content while being able to share it, free of judgment, and without attaching any of your personal information or profile to it.
03/04/2014 08:47 EST
Would You Buy From a Kindle Vending

Would You Buy From a Kindle Vending Machine?

When last year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) rolled into Las Vegas, many were surprised and intrigued by Amazon's presence. They didn't have a typical booth on the trade show floor. Instead, they set up a Kindle vending machine inside the Las Vegas airport (near the ATM and soda pop).
02/04/2014 12:19 EST
What's Bigger Than Big

What's Bigger Than Big Data?

I jokingly tell colleagues in the marketing world, that you can't throw a professional marketer down a flight of stairs these days without the words "big data" tumbling out of their pockets. There's no need to benchmark brands against their competencies with big data because, quite frankly, most brands don't even have a proper definition for what big data means.
01/21/2014 12:14 EST
When Important Websites

When Important Websites Crash

The IT and software development companies responsible for the healthcare website are probably neck deep in trouble and pulling all-nighters to get it back up and working at an acceptable level. People think it should all work perfectly. I would be happy to debate that bugs, crashes, delays and hacks are in fact not mistakes but rather a healthy and normal part of a truly functioning technology.
10/30/2013 05:38 EDT
Why Websites Should Kill Their

Why Websites Should Kill Their Comments

Whether we like it or not, the great discourse and online conversations are being clouded and polluted with spammy comments. If you have ever blogged, you will note how difficult it can sometimes be to sort the wheat from the chaff.
10/03/2013 12:19 EDT
It's Not How Much Screen Time Kids Have, But How They Use

It's Not How Much Screen Time Kids Have, But How They Use It

If we are ever to have kids that will benefit from screens, instead of wasting their time on it, it is the adults who will have to do a better job of figuring out ways to turn these devices from a time killer into an idea generator. Technology has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. This isn't about how much time kids spend with screens, it's about what's on the screen. Screens are no longer the things we use to waste time and take our collective minds off of our day-to-day lives. These screens have come alive, and a child's ability to understand this, work with them and -- ultimately -- use them to create something is going to be a key indicator of their ability to be successful in life.
09/18/2013 12:04 EDT
Hacking Skype For Better

Hacking Skype For Better Audio

The truth is that for under $2,000 you can outfit your audio recording studio with a proper mixing board, pro digital recorder, dynamic microphone, pop filters, mic boom stands, studio quality headphones and more. Here are 6 ways to get the best sound possible out of Skype.
09/04/2013 05:17 EDT
Is Smart Marketing An

Is Smart Marketing An Oxymoron?

Contrary to popular marketing ideology, we do not live in a multiple-screen world. My world is about one screen: whatever screen is in front of me. Too many brands continue to build digital ghettos where the Web, mobile, social and even e-commerce occupy and have their own, unique, strategies. This leads to brands that are wildly different across their platforms. To put it simply? These strategies are stupid. Here's why.
08/20/2013 08:20 EDT
In Business, You Can Still Be

In Business, You Can Still Be Kind

While the philosophy of why we work continues to evolve and modernize, it still feels like we hold on to the dogma of what business is supposed to be. Perhaps with all of this moral awakening, sharing on social media, connecting to others and events like Occupy Wall Street or the Arab Spring, we should be paying closer attention to the human bottom line rather than the financial one?
08/07/2013 12:07 EDT
Baby, You Can Track My Online

Baby, You Can Track My Online Activity

Before you start lighting up those pitchforks and come after us marketers with a mix of mass hysteria and moral panic, take a look at your own online behavior and ask yourself, which scenario you prefer? Go to Amazon and start shopping (presuming you have been there before), and ask yourself, "what is the experience like?"
07/23/2013 08:31 EDT
What's the Point In Commenting On

What's the Point In Commenting On Blogs?

What is the true value of a comment on a blog? To this date, there is a constant slew of criticism and discourse on the importance of comments. Simply put, there is a strong legion of new media pundits who believe that a blog isn't a blog without comments and the back and forth between the key blogger and the readers.
07/09/2013 12:18 EDT
Don't Turn Off Technology -- Turn Off Your Bad

Don't Turn Off Technology -- Turn Off Your Bad Habits

Thurston and others who have recently talked about their inability to keep up with the influx of digital inputs could be missing the bigger point: this is the inevitable outcome of success. All of this isn't technology's fault. All of this is our fault, because we're allowing the technology to manage us, instead of the other way around.
06/25/2013 08:05 EDT
The Pageview Industrial

The Pageview Industrial Complex

It's hard to argue that most content-based webpages aren't all that annoying, but there is a cost for access and there is a cost for this content that must be paid by the consumers. Whether this is a paid-subscription model to underwrite the profitability of the business or ad-supported as the model, consumers have to accept that advertising and pageviews are going nowhere.
06/11/2013 07:50 EDT
Yahoo's Billion Dollar Bet on

Yahoo's Billion Dollar Bet on Tumblr

If Yahoo can acquire sites like Tumblr and Hulu while pushing beyond their history of being a Web portal, spending a billion dollars on a platform like Tumblr and/or Hulu could well be the cheapest way for a company of that size and magnitude to not only save itself, but rebuild its brand reputation as a leader in the digital world.
05/28/2013 12:22 EDT
How to Design a Better

How to Design a Better Website

In the past short while, we have started to see what could only be described as "true online publishing" taking on a new (and pretty) look and feel. We're moving beyond trying to make the Internet look, feel and read like paper -- it feels like the Internet is about to become a true publishing medium unto itself.
05/14/2013 07:45 EDT
Is Google Breeding an Army of

Is Google Breeding an Army of "Glassholes"?

It is becoming increasingly obvious that our connected computers will be more a "part of us" than ever before. Many are quick to dismiss wearable technology such as Google's Project Glass as a parlour trick and some are already calling those who use them "glassholes."
04/30/2013 12:13 EDT