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So You've Invested in a Condo That No Longer

So You've Invested in a Condo That No Longer Exists

Despite the rumours surrounding the "real estate bubble," there is one thing that is certain; lenders are tightening their belts and imposing greater restrictions on both consumers and developers. For those that aren't aware of how the process works for a new construction condominium, here's a quick lesson: Developers in Canada need to sell 75 per cent of a project in order to get their financing. In Canada, basically, not enough sales means no money therefore in some circumstances, no project. So where does that leave investors?
08/14/2012 12:02 EDT
How to be a Landlord Tenants Actually

How to be a Landlord Tenants Actually Like

Buying a property to rent out is a great idea. The theory is that you find a tenant to rent it out to and let them pay down the mortgage while you sit back and build equity. Here are some tips to avoid the typical pitfalls most people face when renting our their property!
07/16/2012 12:13 EDT
Why Some Cities Cost More to Live In (Ahem,

Why Some Cities Cost More to Live In (Ahem, Vancouver)

When we see real estate prices in the news, we often get a lumped valuation of a specific city or country as a whole. The reality is that no matter how the market is performing, there will always be neighbourhoods that are increasing and ones that are in decline. Why is that? Here are few factors that can affect local real estate prices in any city.
07/06/2012 05:04 EDT
Condo-Shopping? What to Look

Condo-Shopping? What to Look For

Since the early 2000s, condo development has helped change the skyline in Canada. People from all demographics are choosing to live what I refer to as "the condo lifestyle." If you are thinking about joining this growing crowd that prefers parking underground and chooses location over square feet, here are some tips to implement while shopping for your next home.
06/25/2012 03:37 EDT
Five Reasons Why It's Smart to Invest in Real

Five Reasons Why It's Smart to Invest in Real Estate

With the stock market turning into more of a roller coaster each day, people are looking to invest their hard earned money into something safer, with less volatility, but that still yields above average returns. Real estate is quickly becoming the investment of choice for many of these lost investors. If you aren't completely sold on the idea, here are five benefits to investing in real estate to help sway your decision...
06/19/2012 05:24 EDT
How To Pick the Perfect

How To Pick the Perfect Realtor

A great realtor has access to the widest database of homes and will even have knowledge of homes or condos for sale but not listed on the open market. Best of all, using a realtor in Canada to buy property is usually a free service since the buyer typically doesn't pay the commission. Here are five questions to ask before hiring your next agent...
06/12/2012 07:56 EDT
How to Make Sure Your Home

How to Make Sure Your Home Sells

Thinking of putting your home up for sale? There are always things you can do to make your home feel like it could be home to someone else. Here are five easy and cost-effective methods to make your property more attractive to buyers.
06/08/2012 10:01 EDT