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Mitchell Beer

President, Smarter Shift; Deputy Director, Trottier Energy Futures Project

Mitchell Beer

Mitchell Beer is president of Smarter Shift ( and Deputy Director of the Trottier Energy Futures Project ( Smarter Shift is a firm that specializes in content marketing, online content generation, social media strategy, conference content capture, and meeting design. The Trottier Project is charting a course for an 80% reduction in Canada's greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

A former member of Canada’s Parliamentary Press Gallery, Beer began his career as a staff reporter with the weekly Canadian Native News Service, then spent 3½ years as a reporter and editor with Canadian Renewable Energy News, a monthly specialist journal. As a content producer and conference specialist since 1984, he's developed specialties in energy and climate change, health care, transportation infrastructure, and sustainable meetings and events.

Beer served on the international board of the Green Meetings Industry Council and was founding chair of the GMIC Sustainable Meetings Foundation.
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