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Mitchell McLean

Father and recreational hockey player

A sales professional by day, Mitchell is an avid hockey player and lifelong Leafs fan. After playing hockey throughout his childhood and adolescence on recreational teams. Mitchell started playing again in 2014 as part of an organized house league with friends in which he runs and captains a team year round. He is also the coach of his six year old son’s little league team. Mitch is captain of his team, the Benchwarmers for the 2016 Scotiabank Pro-Am for Alzheimer’s in Support of Baycrest.
How I'm Honouring My Grandmother On Mother's

How I'm Honouring My Grandmother On Mother's Day

When my grandmother was in her early 70s, her children and grandchildren quickly learned that something wasn't quite right. My grandfather had recently passed away and my grandmother was living alone in her house in Charlottetown. When we went to visit her, we were never sure if she would recognize us.
05/06/2016 12:57 EDT