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Mohamad Jebara

Chief Imam & Resident Scholar, Author, Poet, Athlete, Reformer, Cycling Cleric, Inlineskater

His Eminence Imam Dr. Mohamad Jebara serves as Chief Imam and Resident Scholar at the Cordova Spiritual Education Center. Imam Jebara is an avid promoter of social responsibility and universal values. Through the Cordova Center he seeks to establish love, harmony, friendship and understanding through interfaith and intercultural outreach, social responsibility and education. In addition to his unique intellectual accomplishments, having authored 105 academic books, and lectured at prestigious universities around the world, Dr. Jebara is a skilled artist, and an outdoor enthusiast; who enjoys, skiing, skating, hiking, among many others. ​In September 2014, kick-starting an annual initiative, Imam Jebara made history, as the Cycling Cleric, being the first cleric in history to cycle and roller-blade for health, from Ottawa to Quebec City.​ On June 5th, 2015, he completed a 535km bike tour from Ottawa to Toronto, to raise awareness about the dire need for organ and tissue donation, and to encourage Ontarians to register their consent as organ donors. That same year, he initiated a bike race aimed at challenging clerics to raise awareness about affordable housing in the Ottawa region. On April 23rd, 2016 Imam Jebara cycled across Ontario, to raise awareness about the importance of poverty prevention among children, with a message of empowering youth to achieve their greatest potential. Imam Jebara was one of seven individuals chosen to represent Canada in 2011 in the Department of State's International Visitors Leadership program.
Fractured Jerusalem Reminds Us Of Our Need To Reconnect And

Fractured Jerusalem Reminds Us Of Our Need To Reconnect And Heal

Far from being a "city of peace," it was and remains a fractured and divided city, echoing the fragmentation found within all people. Jerusalem teaches us that each time our life seems destroyed and razed to the ground, it can be rebuilt and life has to go on.
08/23/2016 12:45 EDT