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Masters student, business owner, Canadian citizen

I was born in Ottawa and moved to Vancouver with my family where I attended elementary and high school. In 2008, I was accepted into the University of Toronto where I graduated with a B.A. (honours). I run my own company and will be starting graduate studies in Sociology soon.
I'm Canadian but My Wife's About to Be Deported to 113 via Getty Images

I'm Canadian but My Wife's About to Be Deported to Syria

What I would love to see is for the Canadian embassy to simply issue a travel visa so that my relatives and wife can claim refugee status and/or seek asylum there. This way, Canada can at least give them a chance to live instead of them being sent to Syria as we all know about the tragedies that are occurring there and the terrorist activities that are taking place. It's definitely is unethical for me to run away and return to Canada while my wife and relatives are deported to Syria. If Canada allows my relatives to seek asylum in Canada, I will ensure their safety and comfort in Canada and cover all financial costs.
09/09/2015 08:24 EDT