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Monika Dutt

Chair, Canadian Doctors for Medicare, family physician and public health specialist, Nova Scotia; adjunct professor, Cape Breton University

Dr. Monika Dutt is the Chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare. She is a family physician and public health specialist in Nova Scotia, an adjunct professor at Cape Breton University, and holds a Master of Public Health and Master of Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University.
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The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease For Canadian Health Care

A Charter challenge is underway at the Supreme Court of B.C., championed by Dr. Brian Day, owner of the Cambie Surgical Centre. Day is arguing that the laws currently prohibiting doctors in Canada from practicing in the public and private health sectors simultaneously should be struck down, along with the prohibition on the extra billing of patients for services already covered by the provincial health plan.
11/23/2016 06:52 EST