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More or Les

MC, Producer and DJ

With five critically-acclaimed releases, international touring under his belt, over a decade of performances & a feature on the latest album of UK Hip Hop band The Herbaliser, MC, Producer & DJ More Or Les is a Hip Hop triple threat. Les’ latest release is a themed, fan fiction dedication to Dr. Who titled “Bigger On The Inside: A Time Traveller’s Mix Tape” available for Free online. Music videos & previous releases can also be found on iTunes, MuchMusic, MusiquePlus, YouTube &

The TV Show That's Come Into Its Own... 50 Years Later

While it may seem strange for an adult to like a sci-fi program aimed at kids (nary a curse word is said nor a gross amount of violence depicted -- and no adult sexuality is demonstrated in any of the revived series), it's the combination of good writing that overly plays with aspects of time travel and well-chosen lead actors hat makes this current iteration of the series a good one.
11/06/2013 12:39 EST