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Moses Mutabaruka

Founder of The African Perspective Magazine

Founder - The African Perspective Magazine, Passionate about Africa, Entrepreneurship, Youths and Community building.
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An Inclusive Black History Month Agenda

For so long, popular media has, in a sharp but narrow way equated BHM with "slavery"! So much that new African immigrants to the America's like myself have often struggled with seeing their role in the BHM celebrations. Subsequently, this has led to questions and doubt as to where global Africans fit where BHM is concerned.
02/19/2016 02:15 EST
Gaurav Sawhney

Rwanda and Burundi: Remembering 1994, Seeking Peace for 2014

This April marks the 20th commemoration of the genocide in Rwanda -- where we both trace our roots. As we take time this month to remember the events of 1994, honour the lives lost, and reaffirm our commitment to never again stand by and let another genocide take place, a troubling situation is unfolding in Burundi that appears frighteningly reminiscent of Rwanda pre-1994.
04/21/2014 01:05 EDT