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Muhammad Lila

Muhammad Lila is a correspondent. He specializes in creating multiplatform content from hostile environments

Muhammad Lila is an anchor and correspondent. He flies to remote places, shoots and edits his own stories, and creates multiplatform content – with an emphasis on breaking news in hostile environments. At ABC News, he filed more reports than any other foreign correspondent, and was the only foreign correspondent to file for all ABC/Disney platforms, including all ABC shows (World News, Good Morning America, Nightline), plus ESPN, Fusion, and Yahoo originals. He is currently assigned to Special Projects at CNN. He averages 100+ flights a year and has covered nearly every major world conflict over the last few years, from Ukraine to Afghanistan to student protests in Hong Kong. He has been ambushed by the Taliban in a remote province of Afghanistan, held at gunpoint while cover unrest in Ukraine, and received a special invitation for a personal audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama at his home in the Himalayas.
Kobe Bryant Taught Me Hustling Hard Trumps Talent

Kobe Bryant Taught Me Hustling Hard Trumps Talent Alone

Dear Kobe, we've never met. If you look up your name in the dictionary, under the part that says "antonym" you'd probably find me. I'm your exact opposite. Still, out of everyone that I grew up admiring, few people taught me more about covering warzones -- and life -- than you did.
11/30/2015 12:42 EST