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Muna Mire

Student, Editor-in-Chief, The Strand

Muna Mire is a student in her final year at the University of Toronto where she is completing an Honours B.A. in English, Political Science and Sociology. At U of T, she serves as Editor-in-Chief for The Strand, Victoria University's student newspaper. She is formerly Rabble's podcast network intern and currently freelances there. Her interests include pop culture and progressive politics.
Why Gay Rights In Uganda Is A Colonial

Why Gay Rights In Uganda Is A Colonial Issue

Uganda's anti-gay bill, which has been roundly condemned by the international community calls for the death penalty in cases of "serial homosexuality." I think prominent voices in the media are actually making the situation worse for LGBT activists in Uganda by missing or deliberately ignoring the colonial contexts of the anti-gay bill.
11/19/2012 05:42 EST