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Munir Majid

Visiting Senior Fellow, LSE IDEAS

Dr. Munir Majid is Visiting Senior Fellow at LSE IDEAS, Chairman of the CIMB ASEAN Research Institute. He also serves as Chairman of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council of Malaysia.
What Flight MH370 Has Done to Malaysia-China AFP via Getty Images

What Flight MH370 Has Done to Malaysia-China Relations

There have clearly been security lapses which need explanation -- as much to Malaysians as to anybody else. And at the outset, the crisis management could have been better coordinated. However, there is no indication there is something that could have been done to alter the realities of this tragedy. So why has Chinese diplomacy targeted the Malaysian authorities so harshly?
04/03/2014 01:08 EDT
Can Jokowi Become the Next Indonesian ADEK BERRY via Getty Images

Can Jokowi Become the Next Indonesian President?

There is little doubt Jokowi is hugely popular. Now his candidacy has been confirmed, his Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) will gain ground. It is important for the PDI-P to do well in the election for the legislature next month for its candidate to stand and contest for President in July, and to dominate the legislature afterwards.
03/27/2014 08:08 EDT