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Murray Brewster

Defence correspondent; Author: The Savage War

Murray Brewster (Ottawa) has been a journalist for 27 years, the majority of that has been spent at The Canadian Press, the country’s national wire service. He is currently the Parliamentary defence reporter and senior war correspondent. He spent over 15 months in Afghanistan covering both Canadian soldiers and the fallout of the war among the local population. His book, The Savage War: The Untold Battles of Afghanistan, was published last fall by John Wiley & Sons. Murray has also covered many other national and foreign assignments, notably the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and the London train bombings. Brewster is the recipient of 11 national awards for broadcast journalism, the Ross Munro Award for war reporting and was a finalist in the 2010 National Newspaper Awards for defense reporting.
Is That the F-35 Engine Starting? Or My

Is That the F-35 Engine Starting? Or My Headache?

There are some who say the F-35 is all about capability, and giving the air force the plan it needs to bomb the crap out of China or Russia. There is something to be said for that argument, but now is not the time to make it because with roughly four million of the estimated 10 million lines of software which power this jet have yet to be written. How do we know this toy will work as advertised?
05/29/2012 03:48 EDT
Montreal Canadians: The End of My

Montreal Canadians: The End of My Affair

Last week during a game at the Bell Centre it was 1-0 and Montreal's defence had totally collapsed in their end. The guy behind us hollered: "I can feel it. Yes, here it comes. 2-0." At some point in the not-too-distant past that sort of outburst would have ended with the offender being dragged through the streets, tarred and feathered. There was barely a whimper. Is this what it looks like at the end of a dynasty?
02/28/2012 12:01 EST
The Savage War: A Canadian Reporter's Experience in

The Savage War: A Canadian Reporter's Experience in Afghanistan

<a href="" target="_hplink"><img src="" align=right hspace=3></a> MPs went to Kandahar in search of something that would give this ruinous adventure some deep meaning. The soldiers hated those travelling circuses almost as much as having to cart journalists around.
11/10/2011 09:08 EST