Nadia Alam

Writer. GP Anesthetist in Georgetown, Ontario. Mom of four.

I am a small-town family physician and anesthetist currently working out of Georgetown, Ontario. I have worked in many hospitals across Ontario. I am a happy mother of four. I am wife to my best friend. I am friend to some, critic to others, and sarcastic mocker of all.

Although I am new to blogging, I am no stranger to writing. I have been writing stories since I was a child. Writing helps me to clarify my perspective on the world -- and for that reason alone, I will always come back to it.
How Media Shapes Government GBlakeley via Getty Images

How Media Shapes Government Priorities

More than anything, I want this government to get real about managing health care. Media has a key role to play in that. Like it or not, media informs our perception of reality. Media shapes how and what the public talk about. That influences government priority. And that is why balanced journalism must be protected.
02/24/2017 11:49 EST
This Is The Price Of Waiting For The Ontario CP

This Is The Price Of Waiting For The Ontario Liberals

The reason I care what my provincial government does is simple: health care in Ontario is in a downward spiral -- I see it everywhere, even in my small town family medicine practice. At this point, the government must step up and stabilize the situation. I've been in independent practice for seven years. In that short time, I have watched resources dwindle.
09/19/2016 04:58 EDT
Navigating Uncertainty In The New Ontario Physicians psphotograph via Getty Images

Navigating Uncertainty In The New Ontario Physicians Deal

Merits and failings of the contract aside, many wonder about the aftermath of this vote. Ratify the contract and what -- ration care and pinch pennies? Reject the contract and what -- face a vengeful government's unilateral cuts? The uncertainty inherent in the contract is mirrored by the uncertainty of the unilateral actions that we have weathered for the past 18 months.
08/08/2016 02:58 EDT
Confessions Of A Doctor On The Brink Of Nadia Alam

Confessions Of A Doctor On The Brink Of Burnout

Dread and despair, uncertainty and panic ebb and flow around thoughts of my medical career. Most days clamour with stories of clinics closing, physicians leaving and patients dying on waitlists -- all flatly ignored by provincial leaders. Some days, I even want to quit. After only sx years of independent practice, I'm burning out.
06/06/2016 06:09 EDT
Ontario's Health Minister Is A Master Of THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyc

Ontario's Health Minister Is A Master Of Misdirection

We need health-care reform. To do that, we need an honest conversation between patients, government and front-line workers about what can be covered, what should be covered and what must be covered. We can't have it all. So we need to talk about what we all can have. To get there, doctors must be part of the conversation.
04/27/2016 03:20 EDT