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Nadine Silverthorne


Nadine Silverthorne lives in Toronto with her husband, two hilarious kids and one self-entitled cat. She spends her work-week dreaming up digital content strategy ideas for Rogers Publishing. When not sharing details of her life from her iPhone or laptop, you can find her doing something with food: reading about it, stuffing her face or devising creative solutions to get her kids to stop calling her healthy cooking “yucky.” Follow her on Twitter: @scarbiedoll.
Thinking of Elijah During My Busy Morning Mom

Thinking of Elijah During My Busy Morning Mom Routine

Elijah Marsh, a beautiful toddler, stepped out in a T-shirt, a diaper and boots at 4:30 in the morning. It was 17 below. My Facebook wall is a flurry of ‪#‎RIPElijah‬ and calls to hugs your children tight. But right now, she is lying on the floor in her snow pants and laughing her head off and this is my fifth call for her to get her damn BOOTS ON ALREADY! WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!
02/21/2015 03:14 EST