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Nadine Thornhill

Sexuality Educator

Nadine has been teaching youth and adults about sexuality and relationships for almost a decade. As a parent, Nadine knows how challenging it can be to figure out what to say and how to talk with your kids about sex and relationships. As an educator, her goal is to empower parents in sharing authentic values and providing fact-based, age-appropriate information about sexuality and help kids grow up safe, happy, and healthy!
The New Sex Ed Curriculum Will Teach What All Parents

The New Sex Ed Curriculum Will Teach What All Parents Should

Social media. Same-sex marriage. Smartphones. None of these things existed when Ontario's current Health and Phys Ed. curriculum -- which includes sexuality education -- was written back in 1998. On Monday, a long-overdue curriculum update (that will be taught in public schools starting this September) was released to the public. As a sex educator, I believe emphatically that sexuality is a fundamental part of our humanity. I believe that parents and caregivers have not only a right, but a responsibility to help children understand their sexual development and all it entails.
02/25/2015 05:44 EST