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Nanci Murdock

Recovering employee, aspiring entrepreneur. Teaching personal finance and investing, one blog post at a time, at

Nanci Murdock has a 20-year career in the financial industry. She is the former Head of Marketing for BCA Research, the world's largest provider of independent investment strategy research. Nanci believes that it has never been easier, or more important, for women to take control of their financial future. She invites you to learn the how and the why of investing strategy with her at Nanci lives in Montreal and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.
Parents and Students Feel Betrayed by the Getty

Parents and Students Feel Betrayed by the CSDM

After meeting their teachers, greeting their friends and choosing their desks, at the end of the school day almost 150 students were told they were no longer welcome at their school. Many of the children had attended, with their siblings, the school for years.
08/31/2015 05:27 EDT
Why Dividend Stocks Dominate My PraxisPhotography via Getty Images

Why Dividend Stocks Dominate My Portfolio

I love my friends. Most are kind, two are funny. Three are generous, and another is shrewd. But my BFF? That friend would be my dividends. My proposition to you is that you start to invest. And high-quality dividend stocks with a track record of increasing their dividend payouts are a fantastic place to start.
07/24/2015 12:33 EDT
Why Investing is a lot Like Weight goir via Getty Images

Why Investing is a lot Like Weight Loss

After losing 20 pounds, I can tell you that successful investing looks a lot like successful weight loss. Obvious likenesses between the two aside -- expensive products, conflicting "expert" advice, confusing strategies -- there are three similarities that will see you through to the investing finish line.
06/17/2015 12:37 EDT