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Nancy Keough

Executive Director,The Kettle Society

Originally from Montreal, Nancy trained as a social worker at Dawson College. Nancy has been the Executive Director at The Kettle Society for close to 25 years and was instrumental in the building of The Kettle's drop-in centre on Venables Street in Vancouver 15 years ago.
How We Help Vancouver's Mentally Ill During The

How We Help Vancouver's Mentally Ill During The Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, many will enjoy the festivities with family and friends but other people in Vancouver will be hurting. Those living with mental illness can find this time of year challenging and our clients at The Kettle Society often find the holidays to be the loneliest time of year. Most services are closed on December 25th, but we stay open. Everyone feels accepted and at home here. On Christmas Day we host a turkey lunch with all the trimmings, table cloths and décor. Depending on public donations, we give out small gifts like gloves, socks and boxes of chocolates. We want everyone to feel valued.
12/20/2013 09:05 EST