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Naomi Lazarus

Costume Designer, Mother

Naomi Lazarus is a costume designer and mom, born and bred in Vancouver, B.C. She juggles careers in theatre, film, and cosplay, and lives with her husband and daughter in East Van. Raised by activist parents, she approaches social injustice with an aggressive problem-solving attitude she, sadly, does not apply to housework.
It's Time For B.C. Teachers To Stop Lying To Submitted

It's Time For B.C. Teachers To Stop Lying To Parents

The teachers have been lying to us. For years. They've been covering it up. Papering over underfunding and mismanaged fiscal priorities with brightly coloured posters and sparkly stickers. Concealing an impoverished system by buying the damn supplies themselves. Without receiving so much as a tax break on those purchases.
09/23/2014 03:48 EDT