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Anastasia "Nat" Tubanos and Marie Nicola are the producers and hosts of weekly live-streaming talk show Nat&Marie that focuses on the best in online pop culture and social trends. They've been lovingly dubbed by fans as "The Internet Aftershow" and air LIVE every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. ET at Be sure to tune in to join the interactive convo via Twitter (@NatandMarie) and Skype (NatandMarieSHOW)!
Top 5 Coolest Instagram Accessories on the instagram

Top 5 Coolest Instagram Accessories on the Web

As is customary on the web, when one thing explodes, you can expect to find a wave of websites, applications and services to offer you various ways to enrich your experience. Here are five unique ways to enjoy your Instagram gems online and offline.
05/09/2012 12:58 EDT
Pinterest: A Woman's World Men Want to

Pinterest: A Woman's World Men Want to Join

Despite the strong female user backbone of this social network, men have started to jump on the bandwagon. A popular blog post by Dave Copeland titled "A Guy's Guide to Pinterest," circulating on various sites making the case for Pinterest having the capacity to be appealing to men.
02/13/2012 04:27 EST
Top Internet Scandals of AFP/Getty Images

Top Internet Scandals of 2011

The Internet is a globally accessible public forum where one wrong move may not only be scrutinized by your social network, but if you're really unlucky, it spreads like wildfire in the news and you're scrutinized by the world. And then get onto lists like this one where we share the top Internet FAILS of 2011.
01/01/2012 01:42 EST
Ashton Kutcher Takes a Break After Twitter

Ashton Kutcher Takes a Break After Twitter Fumble

The man celebrated for being the first person to reach one million followers on the uber-popular micro-blogging service may have also been the first person to simultaneously piss off his over 8.2 million followers and cause him to take a break from the service.
11/10/2011 02:26 EST
Web TV Organization Celebrates Content Producers With Awards

Web TV Organization Celebrates Content Producers With Awards Show

I think creating a body of standards will only help to evolve and legitimize the industry. But some of my peers have argued that this sort of model makes it seem too much like the traditional TV or film industry or that web video still has a long way to go to bring in the views and big bucks the way traditional media has.
10/30/2011 09:37 EDT
Will it Go

Will it Go Viral?

While all of you are out there mainlining on overpriced bar rails on Saturday night or sleeping the damage off on Sunday, I'm mining the net looking for content for the next episode of Nat & Marie. Be...
10/03/2011 01:35 EDT
Jack Layton's Final Words Go CP

Jack Layton's Final Words Go Global

Going global is no easy feat, even for a much-loved Canadian politician who passed away before attaining his goal of being prime minister. Yet Jack Layton became a trending topic as droves of international mourners took to social networks to tweet, blog, document and create art all in his memory.
08/23/2011 03:09 EDT