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Natalia Kills


Don't let a cute face fool you. Behind innocent eyes, Natalia Kills hides a guilty mind. Her unique high-impact pop songs knock hard with hip hop rhythms stomping through riot grrrl yells, all whilst calmly confessing to being a teenage-tragedy-turned-trouble-maker!

Kills (real name Natalia Cappuccini) was born in Bradford, an unglamorous industrial town in the north of England that she describes as "The town that God forgot about…". Raised by a Jamaican father and Uruguayan mother, the family was constantly moving from city to city, often shifting enigmatically between their luxury homes in England, Jamaica and Spain. Though her childhood seemed like a dream, it was warped by danger and luxury at a price… and after her father's arrest and imprisonment, her penthouse-to-pavement story began.
The Top Things People Would Be Shocked to Know About

The Top Things People Would Be Shocked to Know About Me

My real name is Natalia Cappuccini. I'm 5"2, from London, Black and Latina mixed. I left home and school when I was 14 and never went back. When I was a teenager I was in a religious cult for a few years, I used to stand on street corners in groups telling people how God loved them and that they were going to Hell for all their sins.
07/12/2013 11:10 EDT