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Nataliya Schafer

Content Developer, GoGoNews

Nataliya Schafer is a graduate from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Journalism degree. She grew up in Waterloo and currently lives in Toronto where she works as a content developer for GoGoNews.  <br> <br> Nataliya has written for,, and worked as a visuals editor for the Ryerson Review of Journalism prior to working at GoGoNews.
A Special Sandy Hook News Bulletin for

A Special Sandy Hook News Bulletin for Children

It's one thing to be a parent talking to your kids about the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting -- it's quite another to be a journalist writing a news story about it for them. My audience is five- to 12-year-olds and somehow I had to write a story that wouldn't be too scary or grown-up. While I don't get to choose the news, I still get to choose how I report on it.
12/22/2012 06:57 EST
A Journalism Degree Is Worthless? I Don't

A Journalism Degree Is Worthless? I Don't Care

I like the fact that my career field is on the worst list. It gives me drive to prove and the other journalism haters wrong. It motivates me to constantly come up with new ideas, and learn how to be flexible so I can thrive in different work environments that will undergo a lot of changes in the next 50 years.
06/20/2012 02:59 EDT