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Natasha Koifman

President, NKPR

Natasha Koifman is the President of NKPR, a highly regarded full-service public relations, artist management and digital agency, representing over 30 national and international brands with offices in Toronto and NYC. Natasha is renowned for being a lifestyle trend forecaster, sharing insight on life, style and success as well as a pop-culture, branding and celebrity commentator. Natasha is regularly featured for her expertise in notable outlets such as Entertainment Tonight, the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, Marketing Magazine and many more.
The Real Threat to a Mother's Work-Life Getty

The Real Threat to a Mother's Work-Life Balance

A recent article in The Atlantic suggested a more "realistic" approach for women juggling motherhood and career: Have just one child. But I would hate for a woman to think that having just one child is the key to successfully juggling motherhood and career. The real threat to what we want in life is TIME.
07/04/2013 06:05 EDT
A Midsummer Check-In on My 2013

A Midsummer Check-In on My 2013 Resolutions

Last week's Summer Solstice marked the time of year when the sun reaches its most northern position, resulting in our longest days with the most sunlight we'll experience all year. It's also the halfway mark in our calendar year -- midsummer -- making it a perfect time to check in on those resolutions we made way back in the short, dark days of January.
06/27/2013 05:43 EDT
Five Ways to Fight Feeling Getty Images

Five Ways to Fight Feeling Overwhelmed

Sometimes, when I feel overwhelmed like this, I get trapped in that mindset where I think, "I can relax when I'm finished." The problem is that life and work don't stop. The key, then, is learning to create those pauses for yourself. Here are five ways to calm down.
06/20/2013 12:14 EDT
Learning to Hear All the Ways People Say Getty

Learning to Hear All the Ways People Say "I Love You"

One of my favourite self-help-style books and one that I still think about every day is the The 5 Languages of Love. The book made me reflect on how I express love to those in my life, but also on all the ways people tell me that they love me too. After all, isn't it sad to think that people are telling us they love us in ways we're too "deaf" to hear?!
06/14/2013 12:41 EDT
Being Alone Doesn't Mean Being Getty Images

Being Alone Doesn't Mean Being Lonely

Loneliness is something we all experience at certain times. It's not simply a function of being single or alone. You can feel lonely in a crowd, at a party, in the office, even in bed with somebody. Here are good things to remind yourself if, and when, you feel lonely.
06/06/2013 05:14 EDT
In a Relationship, It's Not If You Fight, But How You Shutterstock

In a Relationship, It's Not If You Fight, But How You Fight

Anger rarely ever brings out the best in us. When we feel our blood boiling, we often regress to a state that's childlike, emotional and even tantrum-y. What's more, conflicts are further complicated by the fact we don't all handle conflict the same way. I've come up with four conflict styles as I see them.
05/30/2013 05:35 EDT
Fashion Should Be for Abercrombie & Fitch

Fashion Should Be for Everybody

Boundaries are breaking down all around us. And this new wave of feminism we're experiencing has impacted many of the boundaries in the world of fashion too; the idea that there are standards of beauty that we must conform to, that being beautiful is a feeling that should be available to only a few privileged few, rather than something every woman should feel, from both inside and out.
05/23/2013 05:35 EDT
The Only Way to Find Love: Ditch the Alamy

The Only Way to Find Love: Ditch the Rules

Many single people have very firm ideas about what they want in an ideal partner. Often, that list of criteria is less about love and support and more about lifestyle fit, about a perception of a "perfect match". While attraction and compatibility are certainly important factors in successful relationships, we also know that they alone are not sufficient.
05/16/2013 08:24 EDT
Tips for Wearing Vintage

Tips for Wearing Vintage Clothing

It's remarkable to see the impact The Great Gatsby has had on designers in recent seasons -- it started even when the movie was just announced. While current designers and collections offer many options for those of us enchanted with these styles, we can also go right to the source. Here are some more tips for shopping vintage.
05/08/2013 07:53 EDT
When Cities Grow, Do They Lose Their Getty Images

When Cities Grow, Do They Lose Their Soul?

As many of you will have experienced, travel gives us a different perspective on our home towns. Home is still very much "home"... the place I'm always glad to return to after journeying elsewhere, whether it's for business or pleasure. But spending time in other places also enables me to see Toronto with fresh eyes.
05/03/2013 12:33 EDT
Succeeding as an Introvert in an Extroverted Alamy

Succeeding as an Introvert in an Extroverted World

It's sometimes easy to feel that our world favours those who are more extroverted, that we need to be outgoing and gregarious to succeed in the workplace and in our social lives. You see, I've always categorized myself as an introvert, which may seem at odds with my industry -- after all PR is about being "out there" a whole lot.
04/26/2013 11:47 EDT
Don't Follow a List! Must-Haves for Spring Are All About Shutterstock

Don't Follow a List! Must-Haves for Spring Are All About You

Nowadays, my purchases aren't governed by external ideas of what the "right" thing to buy is, but what feels right to me. As we start a new season, I think it's a perfect time to explore something new, to give yourself a fresh start, in some small way. For me, it's really about finding and following your own heart, listening to your own inner voice...
04/17/2013 05:07 EDT
When Quitting Is the Right Shutterstock

When Quitting Is the Right Choice

"Never give up!" "Work at it." "Pick yourself up, try again." We give such pep talks to encourage each other to overcome failure. On the other hand, sometimes the most liberating and empowering thing we can do is allow ourselves to give up on something that's simply not working. Quitting isn't always a negative thing.
04/05/2013 07:59 EDT
Three of My New Beauty

Three of My New Beauty Obsessions

When it comes to beauty products, it seems like we're inundated with new innovations and ingredients and -- frankly -- it can be difficult to keep up, and to know what's real and what's a lot of spin. I thought I'd share some of my own top picks that have made it into my medicine cabinet as trusted additions to my regimen!
03/29/2013 05:46 EDT
My Favourite Inspirational Jen Troyer

My Favourite Inspirational Quotations

I often look to quotations for affirmation or comfort or inspiration. So, with that, I thought I'd share some of my favourite quotes! I hope they move and inspire you, as they do me every day. For example, "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."
03/22/2013 11:59 EDT
Five Ways to Mend a Broken Shutterstock

Five Ways to Mend a Broken Heart

When things don't work out in a relationship, it's that early hope and optimism that stands in stark contrast with feelings of heartbreak and disappointment. As with all falls in life, it's important that you acknowledge you've been hurt, but also help yourself get back up again. Here's how.
03/07/2013 12:18 EST
How to Put the Spark Back in Your Alamy

How to Put the Spark Back in Your Career

We all go through phases with our career. No matter how much you love your job, there are times when a certain ennui sets in. But how do you rekindle the fire when you've gone through some career lows? Here are some of my tips.
02/28/2013 06:00 EST
Stretching My

Stretching My "Uniform" With Must-Haves for Spring

It's no secret that I have built my wardrobe on renewed and renewable staples and a mostly monochromatic palette. The truth is that no matter how much you have got your style figured, it simply can't stay the same... even the most basic basics evolve over time and you could very quickly look outdated if you didn't adopt new cuts, materials, hemlines, heel height. So what's on my radar for Spring?
02/21/2013 12:08 EST
Love's Evolution Through Your Twenties, Thirties and shutterstock

Love's Evolution Through Your Twenties, Thirties and Forties

I have to admit, I am a through-and-through romantic and, although my love life has had its ups and downs (whose hasn't!?), I like Valentine's Day. But love isn't an easy concept. For me it's something that has changed as I myself have changed. In each relationship and decade of life, love plays a different role.
02/08/2013 12:23 EST