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Natasha Koifman

President, NKPR

Natasha Koifman is the President of NKPR, a highly regarded full-service public relations, artist management and digital agency, representing over 30 national and international brands with offices in Toronto and NYC. Natasha is renowned for being a lifestyle trend forecaster, sharing insight on life, style and success as well as a pop-culture, branding and celebrity commentator. Natasha is regularly featured for her expertise in notable outlets such as Entertainment Tonight, the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, Marketing Magazine and many more.

A Year Older, and Wiser? My Birthday Reflections

It seems like the New Year and its associated resolutions are ruled by my head -- all the things I know I should be doing, whether they're external or internal changes. But my birthday is ruled by my heart -- I feel my way through it -- a whole year's worth of gratitude, support, optimism, love and friendship.
01/26/2013 11:28 EST

Saying Farewell To My Four-Legged Friend

My beloved dog, my dear friend, Deecoy passed away last week. My heart is broken. If you have loved and lost a pet you will not need me to argue that this is a legitimate form of grief. Deecoy was part of my life for 11 years.
01/19/2013 08:04 EST

Getting Through the Darkest Month Of the Year

January can be a tough month for many people. Once the early optimism of fresh-starts and resolutions has faded, many feel like they've been unceremoniously dumped in the darkest month of the year. But I think it's a month you can make whatever you want. Here are some tips for avoiding those January blahs.
01/15/2013 08:12 EST

Think Big and Let the Small Stuff Fall into Place

We traditionally associate the New Year with a fresh start. Many of us have bad habits we want to reform, or changes we found difficult to make in the normal course of our days. My own resolutions this year aren't about eating more protein or taking more spinning classes, they're about nurturing my very soul and being, and about creating a state of mind where I'll make better choices about everything.
12/31/2012 04:58 EST
Young House Love

Being Alone for Christmas Shouldn't Mean Lonely

Even if it's a matter of choice, loneliness can often strike those who find themselves alone over Christmas. After all, is it not a time -- or so we're told -- to be among friends and family, loved ones and children? Here are some things to do to make these holidays warm and delightful, even if it's just for you...
12/23/2012 11:34 EST

No Holiday Is Complete Without These Songs and Movies

The holidays are a time for many kinds of traditions. Whether it's the lighting of the menorah or the trimming of the tree or reuniting with friends too long unseen. And, of course, this is a time of year for watching movies and singing songs. And while we spend a lot of the rest of the year chasing the next "new thing," around the holidays, most of us revisit our old favourites... watching movies that take us back to our childhood.
12/18/2012 12:37 EST

Six Ways to Find Jeans That Flatter

What shape suits your body? Are bright jeans a no-no for curvier women? Are embellished jeans age appropriate? Throwing out the rulebook means we all get a lot more freedom, but... well... sometimes rules come in handy too! So here are some rules that offer reassuring guidance, rather than hard and fast don'ts:
12/09/2012 11:55 EST

Can Christmas Teach Us to Live in the Now?

The Christmas season is a time when our focus narrows to a shorter time-frame. Right now, we're all preparing for what happens between now and December 31. Maybe Christmas is a good time to practice living more in the present, being fully there at those gatherings of family and friends.
12/04/2012 12:16 EST

How Often Do You Appreciate Your Girlfriends?

In stories and movies, in our own lives too, we make a big deal of romance. But while romance can ebb and flow, friendship is constant. I think as we get older we really grow to appreciate the qualities of good friends as something truly special. And yet, how often do we pause to really appreciate our friendships?
11/22/2012 05:28 EST

Some of What I've Learned in the Last Year

It's already November. Soon, we'll all begin looking forward to a new year, forming new hopes and goals around our calendar year. But, it's also a time to reflect on what we accomplished, to bank those new learnings and embrace the person we've become in 2012. Here are some of the things that I learned in 2012 and that I'll carry forward to the next year.
11/15/2012 05:29 EST

Emotional Decision Making: Follow Your Gut

My life has been full of big decisions lately. The kind that feel like decisions that will shape my future happiness and I sometimes feel the burden of choice weighing on me. It's reassuring to know that it's essential that both reason and emotion play such a vital role in decision-making. I always thought my gut was tied to my emotions -- I actually think it's one and the same.
11/09/2012 05:50 EST

Five Ways to Ward off the Winter Blues

Every season in Canada has its positive side, but we all have one season that's more difficult for us -- whether it's summer's blistering heat, or winter's cruel cold. For me, it's the short, dark days of fall and winter. Here are some of the ways I stay positive and happy when the thermometer starts to dip and the sun's rays begin to wane.
10/24/2012 08:17 EDT

When Modern Women Should Think About Babies

Many of the women I know, myself included, spend their twenties and thirties struggling to live up to the ideal of having it all. When it's physically ideal to have children, most of us are off concentrating on other things: travelling, establishing careers and looking for that person to share it all with. Your twenties are really the time, if not to act, then to consider and make crucial decisions about what you want your family and future to look like. Instead, most of us defer those decisions, not realizing how fast time flies.
10/17/2012 05:17 EDT

The Six Best Pieces of Advice I've Ever Gotten

Let's be honest, sometimes we're given good advice but we ignore it. Other times, we put too much trust in the guidance of others at the risk of ignoring our own inner voice. With that said, I thought I'd share some of the best advice I've ever received and some advice I never received, or didn't listen to, that I really wish I had! Hopefully, some of you benefit from these!
10/12/2012 12:12 EDT

How Technology Can Help You Strike a Better Work-Life Balance

I don't believe "balance" is a matter of compartmentalizing work and life, but of making the two integrate seamlessly. And while many find that technology is one of the major things hindering their work-life balance, for me it's a major tool in enabling a healthy work-life integration. If you're struggling to maintain relationships throughout your busy days, or over a long distance, here are some of my favourite things to do.
09/28/2012 08:12 EDT

How to Avoid the Top Five Regrets of Dying

Much as we're wrapped up in the day-to-day, most of us think about the big picture: what we want to achieve and what a "good life" really means to us. In recent years, it seems everybody has been talking about their bucket list -- that laundry list of things they want to do before they "kick the bucket."
09/20/2012 12:17 EDT
London Fashion Weekend

Choose Female Icons Who Transcend Style

Growing up, many of us look to each other for hard rules; what to wear, how to style our hair, where to shop and how to talk to boys. One of the joys of becoming a mature woman is growing out of that phase where you seek validation from other people and instead make up your own rules, define your own style and forge your own unique path... sometimes taking that "road less travelled" to get there!
09/12/2012 11:31 EDT

TIFF is More Than a Film Festival, It's a Chance to Give Back

While the Toronto International Film Festival is a time for celebrating the best in film (and fashion!), it is also a time for artists and others within the industry to come together and show their support for causes that matter to them. For me, that cause is Artists for Peace and Justice -- a non-profit organization that encourages peace and social justice and addresses issues of poverty around the world.
09/06/2012 05:12 EDT

Building a Wardrobe of Staples for Any Occasion

If you're the kind of woman who literally wonders what to wear some days, maybe you're missing some of those anchor pieces that make it easy to build a variety of outfits from. Once you know what your staple pieces are, you'll have an easy foundation for dressing for any occasion, day or night.
09/04/2012 12:02 EDT

Is Fear Holding You Back From The Life You Want?

My fear of flying grew into a phobia and this phobia became an obstacle to living the kind of life I wanted for myself. I couldn't get on a plane without taking my anti-anxiety medication. My fear of flying no longer belonged in the "quirk" category -- it made me feel anxious and out-of-control. Those feelings of blind panic took over my whole mind and body and I was unable to override them with conscious thought or reason.
08/24/2012 12:14 EDT