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Natasha Rudnick

Writer and Television Producer

Natasha Rudnick is a journalist who has worked on both sides of the border. She's produced for CBS News, the CBC, Bravo! and Fashion Television. Her writing credits include The Globe and Mail,, Reader's Digest and Outdoor Canada. Natasha holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Toronto and Ryerson and a Masters from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism. She split the last decade living in Toronto and New York City.

My Dad Had a Stroke, And I Had to React

When my dad got up and walked into the kitchen, I asked him something I can't remember now. But I'll never forget his reply. It was a jumble of words that sounded like a made- up language. Then, as his expression changed to puzzlement, mine shifted to horror.
03/23/2012 05:09 EDT

The Encyclopaedia Britannica Ends, but it Gave Me my Start

Our family's set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica represented wealth and status -- an investment in knowledge. For my father, they meant my brother and I would take a career path that led far away from the long hours that my paternal grandmother spent sewing fur pelts together in a basement in order to support her family as a single mother.
03/14/2012 05:23 EDT

Act of Valor: How the U.S. Made Me a Patriot

The film led the box office on its opening weekend, taking in $24.5 million in U.S. and Canadian theatres. What might surprise you is the reason I eagerly bought my ticket: American patriotism. And by the way, I'm Canadian.
03/08/2012 05:24 EST