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Nathalie Boutet

Mom, family law lawyer, mediator, family enterprise advisor and public speaker. 

Nathalie Boutet is an experienced family law lawyer, mediator and certified Family Enterprise Advisor™ skilled at providing unique strategies and out-of-court results to the complex human, legal and financial matters related to separation or divorce within businesses and family enterprises.
Divorce Month: Why Marriages End In KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Getty Images

Divorce Month: Why Marriages End In January

Most people, if they are unhappy in their marriage, are probably thinking about breaking up long before the holidays. But given that the holidays are a traditional family time, couples, especially those with children, loathe creating a sad memory for their children. Yet once the decorations are put away and everyone is back in their routine, many spouses are ready to start taking steps towards a separation.
01/22/2016 11:05 EST
How to Tackle the New School Year As a New shutterstock

How to Tackle the New School Year As a New Divorcee

With the new school year around the corner, parents who are facing separation or divorce often find this a very contentious time for themselves and their children. In addition to the painful process of undergoing a separation or divorce, starting a new school year adds extra pressure.
08/13/2015 05:05 EDT