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Nathan Chan

Proud Intended Parent and Managing Director of Proud Fertility

Nathan Chan is a Proud Intended Parent and Managing Director of Proud Fertility, a Canadian egg donation and surrogacy agency that works with individuals and couples to grow their family. He is also a Trained Birth Doula (DONA), Postpartum Doula (ProDoula), and Postpartum Placenta Specialist (ProDoula).

Nathan takes great pride in supporting Intended Parent(s), including many single men who are now proud fathers using his surrogacy and egg donation services. His passion to help others is what helps connect these Intended Parent(s) to their Surrogates or Egg Donors.

He has degrees in Commerce (McGill), Education (University of Illinois), and Disability Studies (York) and Associate Diplomas in Speech & Drama (Trinity College UK) and Cello Performance (Royal Conservatory Toronto). His studies led him to designing and facilitating courses on topics including: intercultural communication, ethics, and occupational health. He is also a relentless supporter of diverse communities including GLBTIPQ and disability communities.

Nathan has pursued single parenthood in India and Canada since 2010. His journey to parenthood is still in progress. He is empathetic to the Intended Parents’ journey to surrogacy because he personally understands the challenges.