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Nathan Cullen

MP for Skeena—Bulkley Valley, Official Opposition House Leader

Nathan Cullen is the Member of Parliament for Skeena—Bulkley Valley and the Official Opposition House Leader. He is a registered intervener in the Joint Review of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. Formerly, he was the NDP’s environment and natural resources critic. Before elected life, worked in conflict resolution in northwestern British Columbia.
Harper Could Ride Northern Gateway Pipeline to Political

Harper Could Ride Northern Gateway Pipeline to Political Suicide

Stephen Harper can approve the Northern Gateway proposal, but that doesn't mean it will ever be built. With 130 First Nations and two-thirds of B.C. voters vote against it, Enbridge has no clear legal or democratic avenue to proceed. But approving oil tankers on the North Coast would have one sure result: it would inflict serious damage to the Conservatives in B.C.
06/09/2014 01:36 EDT
Let's Celebrate Flaherty's Life, Not Debate His

Let's Celebrate Flaherty's Life, Not Debate His Policies

Others, and likely myself also, will debate Jim Flaherty's legacy and policies in the days to come, but for now we can recognize the man who tried to be more than only a politician and was able to keep some sense of dignity in a long and distinguished career in public life.
04/11/2014 12:38 EDT
It's About the People, Not the

It's About the People, Not the Pipeline

I wish the Harper government would drop the greenwashing and propaganda campaigns. But really this isn't about a pipeline or the pipe dreams of a Prime Minister. This is about the people and the lands they live on. The people of my home region in northwestern British Columbia are hardworking and community-minded by nature and inclination. The attacks from the Harper government, and the threats posed by Enbridge's pipeline and the supertankers they bring, have only brought us closer together, strengthening our determination to protect the values and natural wonders that we hold most dear.
04/03/2013 05:37 EDT