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Nathan Lawr


Nathan Lawr first established himself as an in-demand drummer, working with artists like Jim Guthrie, Royal City, Feist, FemBots, Constantines, Gentleman Reg, Cuff the Duke, and Sea Snakes, among others. Over the course of his three solo albums: The Heart Beats a Waltz, Secret Carpentry, and A Sea of Tiny Lights, Lawr has positioned himself as of one of Canada’s finest song-writers and musicians. Most recently, he’s been fronting MINOTAURS, a funky and propulsive indie-afro dance band, whose first record The Thing established the band as a force to reckon with. Their sophomore release New Believers is due out January 22, 2013.
Pussy Riot Girls Aren't the First Artists to Fight the

Pussy Riot Girls Aren't the First Artists to Fight the Power

"Pussy Riot": a Russian feminist punk band convicted and sentenced to prison for publicly denouncing, through their music, Russian President Valdimir Putin. It proves that art can challenge political power. Artists are inevitably on the frontlines of that conflict between power and expression. History is littered with examples like Pussy Riot, of artists exiled, imprisoned, or tortured for criticizing authority and official policies of their leaders. Here are just a few examples.
11/29/2012 10:20 EST